About us

Out of the box tech is a leading software development and AI-powered solutions provider with R&D center in MENA Region Founded and headquartered in Dubai, UAE Innovation Beginning with a group of young passionate enterprising Emiratis who founded an organization driven by integrity and diligence, innovation and development in AI & cybersecurity and software development, to a new venture to make it a success. Out of the box tech possess a team who are pioneers of each aspect of digital transformation, technology, and engineering services. The Group is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms.


Just like Dubai’s spirit, the team is a melting pot of diverse cultures that utilizes unique vision and expertise to help companies transform beyond measure. Team is well-versed with the latest technologies and is more than capable to support your business throughout its journey. Our strategic approach to digital marketing enables us to deliver innovative solutions based on informed, intelligent, and creative thinking in various industries like healthcare, education, construction, retail, hospitality, travel, and tourism


OUT OF THE BOX TECH mission is to help our clients their competitiveness and get ablaze results of their work unseen before. We strive to reach these goals applying innovative and proprietary development technologies, providing exceptional services, and using excellent professional expertise. Our purpose is to develop and deliver tactical and digital solutions


which helps businesses of all sizes all over the world to get valuable insights in software solutions, automate repetitive tasks, enhance performance, add AI-driven features, and prevent cost overruns. OUT OF THE BOX TECH built a sustainable business based on trust, latest innovation, state-of- the-art technologies, and experience.


To advance the interconnection of the physical and digital worlds with artificial intelligence, Software solutions driving sustainable productivity growth and seamless interactive experiences.