AI - R&D

AI is transforming the way we perform myriad tasks within our business and personal lives. But not all AI is created equal and is playing an indispensable role in futuristic society. AI technology prompt radical change in industries like Travel and tourism, automotive, retail, construction, financial services, health care, advertising, and more.


The tremor of AI on human life is progressively increasing. Our businesses helps to make the Shift to Enterprise-Grade AI by Confronting Data Issues &cutting edge of assisting businesses and individuals in adopting AI-driven technologies and transforming digital operations. Your business can bridge the AI skills gap & become an AI Innovator with OUT OF THE BOX TECH.

R&D Activities

Our R &D Team is actively researching new methods and approaches to improve our products and services with AI technology. Our team cooperates with R&D departments of the Universities& leading companies in computer vision (CV) and natural language processing (NLP)..

AI Solutions

1. AI Software Development

2. AI Driven Mobile APP

3. AI for customer service

4. AI for business automation